Jake Muhlmann, stellt den Palmen Sodabi von Tambour in Cotonou, Benin her. Eine frische Alternative zu Gin und Grundlage für moderne Cocktails

Chases away evil spirits: Tambour Sodabi

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If you are tired of gin and tonic, Benin offers you the option of getting something completely new into your glass: 'Tambour Original', a traditional liqueur distilled from palm trees, with its natural sweetness an ideal basis for sophisticated cocktails and highballs.

Palm liqueur, called 'Sodabi', has been produced and drunk by people in West Africa for centuries. In Benin it plays a central role in voodoo ceremonies: Sodabi is said to drive away evil spirits from the living and as a gift
Make sure the deceased is in a good mood in the dead world as well.

Jake Muhleman , owner of a small distillery in Cotonou, has that
Traditional drink further developed and refined together with his team: 14 tropical fruits and spices give 'Tambour Original' a new, unique aroma.

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  • Our Tambour is a proud testament to the rigor, discipline and complexity of the drumming beats that have graced the land of Benin for generations.

  • Harvested and sourced from local farmers in southern Benin. The art of distilling this palm juice into alcohol is unique in West Africa.

  • Palm trees have a very rich, naturally sweet sap that is considered a delicacy in West Africa and other tropical regions around the globe.

Supple, exotic, sophisticated - Sodabi

Tambour Original is an award-winning premium brand. Sodabi is a traditional West African liqueur distilled from palm trees and is an exciting part of everyday life.

Tambour Original celebrates West Africa's proud roots and traditions through the use of locally sourced honey, dates and hibiscus flowers. A versatile flavor profile and rich history make Tambour Original an exciting new addition to the spirits market.