Unser Magazin

Our magazine

When Manuyoo was founded, it was important to us to put our idea and the portraits of our first partners on paper in an appealing way. The result is a high-quality print magazine, which can be seen here as a pdf.

Some have declared us crazy: nowadays we should still do something in print! But we are haptic people and the effort was worth it - to make ourselves and everyone else understand what our claim is when it comes to the presentation of our partner companies: contemporary, appealing and far away from Africa stereotypes, which still have a lot are too widespread.

You can download our magazine here.

These fabulous partners supported us in the design:

Texts - Daniela Schroeder

Design - Imke Jurok

Photos - Carina Adam

Will there be a next issue of Manuyoo Magazine? We are absolutely sure.

PS: it's actually a magalog - a mixture of magazine and catalogue.

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