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Savoir-faire aus Ghana: OYÉ Handtaschen

Savoir-faire from Ghana: OYÉ handbags

Originally a bank clerk, the founder of Oye Bags & Clothing, Anita Kittoe , found her fulfillment in designing fascinating African bags and accessories and marketing them worldwide.

Oye Bags & Clothing manufactures a variety of bags and accessories from a fine selection of African fabrics, leather and recycled materials. Each product is made by local artisans using artisanal methods to preserve originality. The designs are intriguing, contemporary and radiate the bright African sun.

Working with local artisans and traders, Oye has created jobs and improved the lives of artisans. All products are handmade in Ghana.

Manuyoo: Anita, can you please tell us something about your company?

Anita: Sure, we make a lot of African bags and accessories from different fabrics, leather and sometimes even recycled materials. Our bags are all handcrafted using primarily local wax prints, batik fabrics, kente fabrics and other woven fabrics, all made in Africa. Sometimes we also use recycled cocoa sacks and leather.

Manuyoo: What is special about your products compared to mass-produced handbags?

Anita: Our bags are unique and have their own character. In contrast to mass-produced bags, we attach great importance to originality and craftsmanship. Our designs are modern and authentically African and let the African sun shine.

Manuyoo: How does your company contribute to the community?

Anita: We work with local artisans and traders to create jobs and provide training to improve living conditions in the community. We have also created a platform for local artisans and artists to show and improve their skills. We are proud to promote sustainable economic development in the community.

Manuyoo: What is the motivation behind your company?

Anita: I used to be a banker, but at some point I discovered my passion for fascinating African bags and accessories and decided to design and sell them. I want to create jobs and improve living conditions in the community. That's why our sense of social responsibility is important to me in everything we do as OYÉ. We are proud to promote and share Ghanaian craftsmanship around the world.

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