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Ayinemi Apana von Wokah welch traditionelle Korbwaren präsentiert. Sie lebt in Ghana Afrika und zeigt Taschen Hüte und Korbschalen.

Basketry from Ghana: Wokah

Wokah is a company that has made waves in the traditional arts and crafts world. It was founded in late 2018 in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana by Ayinemi Apana who was born and raised in Bolgatanga, a place known for producing some of the finest baskets in the world. The founder has a degree in sociology and wrote her thesis on 'Crafts and Sustainable Livelihood' which inspired her to create a sustainable income stream for artisans and to promote the work of talented artisans.

Wokah aims to promote the centuries-old traditional art of basket weaving, to create real value for the work of artisans by connecting them to the right market, and to connect people worldwide through crafts and culture. The company works with around seven weaving communities in which up to 300 women live. For many artisans, this is their main and sometimes only source of income.

One of Wokah's impacts on local communities is the creation of a sustainable livelihood for the artisans. The income from the weaving enables them to provide for themselves and their families, receive an education and receive medical care. The company's commitment to the artisans empowers women, with approximately 97 percent of the artisans employed at Wokah being women who, if not for the weaving, would be dependent on their male colleagues and spouses. By deliberately hiring more women than men, women artisans are empowered to provide for themselves and their families.

Wokah is an eco-friendly brand that makes the finest, highest quality handwoven products in the world. Each product is 100% handwoven and made from natural raw materials sourced directly from the weavers. Wokah combines modern tastes with traditional weaving techniques, making its products unique and sought after.

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One of Wokah's business goals for the coming years is to build a weaving center to create better working conditions for the weavers. This will enable the company to employ the weavers more frequently and permanently. Wokah also plans to showcase its crafts at international exhibitions and attract more partners to expand its market reach. The company's goal is to connect people worldwide through high-quality handicrafts.

In summary, Wokah is a company making a significant impact on the lives of artisans in Ghana's Upper East Region. Its focus on sustainability, empowerment and quality craftsmanship sets it apart from other traditional craft businesses. Wokah's commitment to creating a market for traditional crafts and connecting people worldwide through culture and crafts is commendable. As it continues to grow, its impact on local communities and the world will only increase.

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