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ENDA Lapatet - the performance running shoe from Kenya | Design: Flamingos Pink & DeepSkyBlue| Women

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ENDA Lapatet - the performance running shoe from Kenya - the country of top runners!

The Lapatet is daily trainer designed for the bulk of your weekly milage. Amply cushioned with a sock-like upper, it is the obvious choice for easy runs and longer runs.


  • Design/ Color: Flamingos Pink & DeepSkyBlue (Catalog: H1 2021)
  • 6mm heel to toe drop
  • 24mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot
  • A slightly wider toe box than normal
  • 100% polyester upper
  • At 260 grams in size 41, the Lapatet is astonishingly light

Why we love ENDA shoes:

  • Climate Neutral Certified
  • Vegan - no animal materials and not tested on animals
  • Economic Impact - ENDA creates highly skilled and better paid jobs
  • Social Impact - a portion of the purchase price goes to social projects in Kenya

Size Notes:

Enda shoes run slightly longer than most shoes, but are low volume for a sock-like fit. So if you have a slender foot and already have a finger's width in front of your toes in other running shoes, you might go down a size. If you have very wide feet, you may want go up a size.

Cultural Elements:

More than just a great running shoe, the Lapatet is inspired by elements of Kenyan culture and features small pieces of Kenyan culture.

  1. Flag Eyelets -
    3 of the 4 colors of Kenya's flag encircle the top lace eyelets. Black for the people, red for the blood spilled for independence, and green for the plant life of Kenya.
  2. Great Rift Valley - Kenya's Great Rift Valley creates the perfect altitude and climate for training . We pay tribute to it with a topographical map down the center of the Lapatet.
  3. Kanga & Kikoi - We took patterns from two traditional Swahili fabrics and brought them to the tongue tag and pull tab.
  4. The Name: LAPATET - Lapatet means running in some Kalenjin languages, a tribe in Kenya from which most of Kenya’s great runners come from. It’s how most Kenyan athletes say running.
  5. The Waves - Inspiration for the Lapatet came from Kenya's natural features. Specifically, the waves we see when the wind blows over the Indian Ocean, the grasses of the savanna, and the clouds in the sky.

Learn more about ENDA.

Made in Kenya.