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AYTIN - Elegant Hoodie, Navy-Blue (Unisex)

AYTIN - Elegant Hoodie, Navy-Blue (Unisex)

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AYTIN - Africa.Your.Time.Is.Now.

Five words on a sweater. That's all Papama Ramogase, a South African fashion designer, needed to start a movement that is spreading from Johannesburg to the rest of the world. This sweater is worn by people of all nations and all ages. It is meant to break down stereotypes and trigger discussions about issues such as identity and Afro-optimism.

Our casual hoodie is an all-rounder in terms of versatility and is just as elegant as it is sporty. The first-class quality workmanship and materials offer excellent wearing comfort. It also has a soft inner texture.


  • 100% high-quality cotton
  • Extra soft and cosy inner-feel


  • modern design, relaxed fit
  • cuffed hem and sleeves
  • hood with drawstring
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • for women and men (unisex)
  • Colour navy-blue

Why we love AYTIN:

  • Communicates a powerful message of inspiration and equality.
  • Economic Impact - AYTIN creates high-skilled and better-paid jobs.
  • Social Impact - a portion of the purchase price goes to social projects in South Africa.

More information about AYTIN can be found here.

Made in South Africa