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  • Save shipping costs with order value of 100€ and above (in Germany)

Producer Stories 

Our partners are true changemakers. Manuyoo is more than an innovative, sustainable marketplace. Manuyoo is the direct connection to manufacturers. How does that work? Because we are in close exchange with our partners in each country to discover new products. We know the personal stories of our partners, we know their goals, plans, dreams.


KENYA - The world's fastest runners come from...? Right - from Kenya. "Fast" shoes are now also coming from the land of the fastest runners. 'Enda' means 'run!' in the national language Kiswahili. more


GHANA - Barely sweet, intense coconut taste, suddenly a fruity acidity: Bissap - Hibiskus is one of 21 varieties from the chocolate factory of the Addisson sisters. more


SOUTH AFRICA - Africa. Your. Time. Is. Now. Five words on a t-shirt. Papama Ramogase did not need more to start a movement that went from Johannesburg to the rest of the world. more


GHANA - Shea Soufflé and Black Soap are the stars at Kaeme. The cosmetic brand from Ghana reinterprets in its soaps, creams and lotions what women in West Africa have always used to care for their skin and hair. more


BENIN - palm liqueur, called 'sodabi', has been produced and consumed by people in West Africa for centuries. In Benin, for example, it plays a central role in voodoo ceremonies. more


KENYA - dark yellow, pleasantly sweet, full of vitamins - no wonder mangoes are so popular. The dried mangoes from Miyonga not only taste good - they also help to reduce food waste. more

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