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Featured in Berlin at THE LATEST

Manuyoo and THE LATEST will bring the lifestyle "Made in Africa" to Berlin this summer

We present and sell our products in our online store and now for the first time in the experience store THE LATEST: You want to see us on site and hold our products in your hands?

Finally it's possible - this summer in Berlin!

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The German Supply Chain Act

Possible unintended consequences

The German Federal Government has agreed on the draft for a Supply Chain Act. The Federal Cabinet launched the draft law on 3 March. On 27 May, the coalition parliamentary groups reached agreement on the Supply Chain Act.

As Manuyoo we agree in principle, with the need to curb exploitative working conditions worldwide be it in textile factories, quarries or on coffee plantations. However, we believe that this Supply Chain Legislation could have unintended consequences.

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Manuyoo Values - Unique

Why Made-in-Africa is Unique

The image that there are no high-quality or cool products made-in-Africa is pervasive. At Manuyoo, we set out to change this. Manuyoo seeks to find unique entrepreneurs; unique products and to share their unique stories. A uniquely local impact is created from purchasing these products. Buying Made-in-Africa products is a unique way in which consumers influence the way the world works, support start-up entrepreneurs and create sustainable impact.

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Logistics Lessons

Learning with and from our African partners

Let's start with the obvious: of course it makes more sense for the local supplier to organise the logistics to Europe, right? This realisation cost us some time and grey hairs, but also tells us a lot about the way we see ourselves and the logistical structures between Europe and Africa, especially during the pandemic.

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African inspired Cocktails

Spring is here and we all need a little sunshine. Kick back with a cocktail and enjoy!

We have gathered our 5 favourite cocktails for you. Combine our Tambour Sodabi with mangos, bananas and other exotic fruits!

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Manuyoo Impact Talks

Storytelling is an essential part of Manuyoo as a social business that seeks to bring high quality but otherwise relatively unknown made-in-Africa products. We originally shared stories about the people and the background behind the products that we offer through our website, our social media pages and our magalog.

We, however also saw a great potential in telling stories through the LIVE format which allows us and our customers to experience and interact more intimately with the people behind the brands. This realisation was the impetus to start our LIVE talks which are currently hosted on Instagram TV. We have termed them Manuyoo Impact Talks - Changemakers and Ideas – towards a new European-African relationship.

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For a social business that is active in Europe-Africa trade, "empowering" sounds logical at first. For us, it took some time to formulate this value in this way.

Because it can be misunderstood. The question we asked ourselves from the outset is: who is empowering whom? If we are honest, empowering at Manuyoo means a wild interaction between our partners, customers and ourselves. We have come to recognise that we ourselves and our European customers are the ones who are being empowered here. It may sound absurd at first, but if you turn universal truth around, it is simple.

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COVID-19 and Logistics

Importing goods from Africa is a venture that can be challenging even at the best of times. As you can imagine, the current Covid pandemic has made the logistical challenges much, much worse. In this post, we’d like to update you on our logistics situation on the ground at the moment...

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We are not the only ones excited about the first running shoes from the land of top runners.

The U.S. broadcaster CNN has also reported on ENDA's inspiring story.

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Run ENDA Run!

Europe needs a strong Africa.

But what are WE contributing to it: More development aid? Donations to aid organizations? That is not the solution. It is entrepreneurs like Navalayo Osembo from #Kenya who create skilled jobs with a wealth of ideas and entrepreneurial commitment. We can contribute to this: By buying your products. That doesn't hurt because they are excellent. To make it easier - that's why we founded Manuyoo.

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The trade barrier in our mind

Why do we hardly use products "Made in Africa" in our everyday life?

We think there are several reasons.

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Our new adventure

Last week marked an important step for us. We signed all necessary documents to register Manuyoo as a startup in Berlin’s new Siemensstadt. It’s the result of the past year’s hard work – a big thankyou to many engaged advisors and supporters!

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