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  • Save shipping costs with order value of 100€ and above (in Germany)


Why Made-in-Africa is important

Many of us can't name a single Made-in-Africa product. We want to change that. Because there is a lot to discover. Local entrepreneurship and the highest possible value creation on site are the basic principles of our product selection. This promotes structures, qualified jobs and creates prospects.


We radically reinterpret Trade Not Aid. With strong products, strong manufacturers and a strong narrative behind it.


Our partners are changemakers. Proud, innovative and courageous people. Real role models for us.


Innovative business models and fair trade as the basis for sustainable development - everywhere in the world.


Andre Schwarz

Andy is a real doer. Is it stuck somewhere? Andy is guaranteed to be there first, sleeves rolled up, and won't let up until the problem is solved. Provided he is diligently supplied with coffee and Miyonga's aromatic mangoes, he can complete 1000 tasks in a day. In his spare time he loves to take care of his palm trees. Andy lives with his wife, child and dog near Berlin. He takes care of the logistics at Manuyoo.

Alexandra Ngandeu

For Alexandra, our Co-Founder, it is clear: "We at Manuyootake a critical view of classic development aid. Trade instead of aid money - that is our motto. Therefore we take a different approach: In order to create jobs and perspectives in Africa, we offer manufacturers from all African countries a stage on the European market."

Bianca Reichelt

Bianca (has heard many translations of her Italian name from strangers) is an early riser. While the others are still fast asleep, she uses the time to think and be creative. She can juggle a soccer ball with one foot a hundred times, but unfortunately it was never enough for the national league. This talent nevertheless helps her to master the balancing act between being a mother of three, learning Vogtlandish and making the impossible possible on the side.

Denise Meißner

The African continent and the people who live on it are currently feeling anupswing and new motivation to develop economically. This spirit is evidentin committed entrepreneurship, creativity and fighting spirit. We at Manuyoo share this spirit. If we manage to change the thinking of the people in Europe, which they have about Africa and African products as well as the resulting consumer behavior, we can make a lasting contribution to positive development for Africa.

Fabian Wagner

"We at Manuyoo form a new way of partnership with our suppliers -small and innovative african companies- and present their brands and stories to our customers to make our life a little more african.I believe," says Fabian Wagner, our Co-Founder, "that we can lift the Impact of trade between Europe and Africa with together our partners to another level".

Dr. Jan-Marc Lischka

Only 7% of the total 2018 imports into the EU came from the 54 African countries. More than 2/3 of these imported goods were primary goods (food, raw material and energy) – with almost no local value add. With Manuyoo we want to bring this into more balance. We support African Entrepreneurs by making access to European markets easier and by giving their products an attractive, innovative platform. This is what makes Manuyoo unique.

Lerato Manatsa

"Trade contributes to structural economic transformation. It facilitates the push by African countries to diversify and upgrade the value of their exports, strengthening their economies, creating jobs, and reducing poverty. Manuyoo not only sells exciting new brands and innovative products from all 55 African countries, we also tell the stories about our trading partners, their businesses and their products."

Sandy Biró

Sandy (yes, that's her real name) brings Swabian flair to our team. This proves that even with virtual cooperation, despite 632 km distance between Stuttgart and Berlin, you can realize Manuyoo's mission together....

Her new goal is, of course, to become a top runner according to the Kenyan model with her running shoes from ENDA.

Winfried Breitinger

For me, the special thing with Manuyoo is the close connection with our producers, because we know all suppliers on a personal basis. This works, because we are regularly scouting new promising  products and brands directly with the manufacturers. As soon as possible, we will also be travelling and meeting our partners at their facilities. With Manuyoo, we want to trade at eye level. Creating transparency and trust - that is our focus

The next generation

Manuyoo is a family business. Our children are part of the journey. They inspire us, they are critical product testers. With our work, we want to empower them to live more just economic relationships.

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