• Save shipping costs with order value of 100€ and above (in Germany)
  • Save shipping costs with order value of 100€ and above (in Germany)


Why Made-in-Africa is important

Many of us cannot name a single Made-in-Africa product. We want to change that. Because there is a lot to discover. Local entrepreneurship and the highest possible value addition on site are the basic principles of our product selection. This promotes the creation of dynamic business ecosystems, skilled jobs and new perspectives.

Our joint contribution to a fair global economy

We focus on exceptional products with maximum value addition in Africa. We present you the producers behind the products. Discover their stories, what drives them and what contribution they make to sustainable development.

We are a social business. Together with us, you create sustainable change through economic action.

Our Values


We radically reinterpret Trade Not Aid. With unique products, remarkable entrepreneurs and a compelling narrative behind them.


Our partners are changemakers. Proud, innovative and courageous. Real role models for all of us.


Innovative business models and fair trade as the basis for sustainable development - everywhere in the world.


Andre Schwarz

Andy is a real doer. Is it stuck somewhere? Andy is guaranteed to be there first, sleeves rolled up, and won't let up until the problem is solved. Provided he is diligently supplied with coffee and Miyonga's aromatic mangoes, he can complete 1000 tasks in a day. In his spare time he loves to take care of his palm trees. Andy lives with his wife, child and dog near Berlin. He takes care of the logistics at Manuyoo.

Alexandra Ngandeu

Alex is the true definition of "new work" for us. She is the one who inspires new patterns of thinking and behaviour at Manuyoo. Thanks to her, difficulties quickly become solutions. As a reward, she likes to hand out team trophies and motivates us every day with a beaming smile! Alex lives with her husband and their three grown-up children in the Berlin area. She is not a superwoman, but finds the time for finances and shopping at Manuyoo.

Bianca Reichelt

Bianca is an early riser. While the others are still fast asleep she uses the time to think strategically and be creative for Manuyoo. Her hidden talent is juggling a soccer ball with one foot up to a hundred times. This talent helps her to master the balancing act between being a wife and mother of three, learning Vogtlandisch and helping to sharpen communication at Manuyoo.

Denise Meißner

Denise is our always cheerful superwoman and is always up for all kinds of fun. She always keeps the team on the move, because she never rests. Once she has set herself a goal, she implements it immediately. She loves to eat chocolate from 57'Chocolate and enjoys walking and jogging. Denise lives in Berlin with her husband and is responsible for sales and social media.

Fabian Wagner

Once Fabian gets going, there is no stopping his creativity. He gladly takes the reins and sweeps everyone along with his harmonious and likeable manner. Fabian lives in Berlin with his wife and three children. Although he can negotiate charmingly, he supports in purchasing and logistics.

Dr. Jan-Marc Lischka

Jan is our All-rounder - he can come straight from an interview and swiftly pack parcels with lots of attention to detail; then send out letters and at the same time take a moment to prepare the Manuyoo pitch. Always on hand when you need him, he never leaves anyone out in the rain. He likes to stand by the fire with his cooking apron and enchant us with his homemade Hungarian goulash. Jan lives with his wife and 3 children near Potsdam and takes care of PR, external communication and is our CEO.

Lerato Manatsa

Lerato is an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to her studies as an agricultural economist, she has also founded a company. She brings a wide network, many inspiring ideas and, when necessary, razor-sharp arguments. Never enter a pitch competition against her - you won't stand a chance when she passionately stands up for the things she cares about. She lives and studies in Berlin.

Sandy Biró

Sandy is our golden angel! With her unique empathic nature, she enchants and motivates the whole team to be at their best. She contributes not only to strategy and organizational development, but also has a keen focus on environmental and social sustainability when scouting new products. Sandy lives with her boyfriend in Stuttgart, the capital of the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Winfried Breitinger

Winfried is our good soul and precision clockwork. When everyone is fed up with the letters and numbers, he really blossoms and is always on hand. He is our backbone and always has an open ear for everyone. His dream is to travel a lot and get to know cultures. Winfried lives in Berlin with his wife and takes care of finances and legal matters.

The next generation

Manuyoo is a family business. Our children are part of the journey. They inspire us and they are also valued product testers. Through our work, we want to empower them to seek to live in a fairer global economy.

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