• Now available: Products from 57'Chocolate, KEAME, AYTIN & Tambour
  • Questions? Contact us at shop@manuyoo.world
  • Minimum order value: 10.00€
  • Now available: Products from 57'Chocolate, KEAME, AYTIN & Tambour
  • Questions? Contact us at shop@manuyoo.world
  • Minimum order value: 10.00€


Real change needs economic action.

A radically new approach to relations with Africa. 

Aid should not be the primary driver development on the African continent; Trade should! 

MANUYOO sells exciting young brands and products from all 55 countries in Africa. Running shoes from Kenya, palm liqueur from Benin, manufactured chocolate and high-quality cosmetics from Ghana, designer fashion from South Africa. Products that cannot be found in any one-world shop. Products far beyond the usual Africa clichés.

 MANUYOO fills a gap in the market. We bring a new lifestyle - and show what 'Made in Africa' means today.

We know our producers personally. 

Manuyoo is more than an innovative, sustainable marketplace. Manuyoo is the direct link to the manufacturers. It works because we are in close contact with our partners in the individual countries. We continuously seek to discover new products. We know the personal stories of our partners, we know their goals, plans, dreams.


African proverb

We are manuyoo

Our goal is trade instead of development aid. Trade on an equal footing.



"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb.

What makes Manuyoo unique?

For Andre Schwarz, our Co-Founder, it is clear: I see it as my duty to cooperate in partnership with Africa manufacturers and to let their products, which they proudly produce, available on the German market.

By establishing the brand: MadeinAfrica, their Economy can grow and prosperity can also arise in Africa!

We have the chance to learn a lot about Africa, its culture, the people such as the unique product variety - let's do it together."



"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb.

What makes Manuyoo unique?

For Alexandra, our Co-Founder, it is clear: "We at Manuyootake a critical view of classic development aid. Trade instead of aid money - that is our motto. Therefore we take a different approach: In order to create jobs and perspectives in Africa, we offer manufacturers from all African countries a stage on the European market."



Manuyoo is a unique concept that catalyzes change with the goal of living in a more sustainable world. We work on reshaping the narrative about Africa by bringing high quality brands and the outstanding stories behind them to Europe. Change must happen here, in our attitude, in our mindset and in our buying behavior.

Our story is also about a powerful combination of positive impact and sustainable business at the same time. I believe the future is about social businesses like Manuyoo where people and the planet are ahead profit.



Sustainability is not just about the environment, wildlife and natural resources; it is also about people. When people are able to sustain themselves they have the space to think about and pursue sustainability of their immediate environment. 

As a person who once ran a manufacturing workshop in South Africa making a premium product, I have witnessed the abundant creative energy and workmanship on the continent. Entrepreneurs especially bring skills development, employment, community upliftment and contribute to the general economy in their respective countries.


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“Poverty is like a lion - if you don't fight, you will be eaten.” - African proverb At Manuyoo, we all share the same passion: we want to make a difference in people's minds with our actions and, by being close to our manufacturers, show them what it means to get first-class and unique products from Africa. 

The African continent and the people who live on it are currently feeling anupswing and new motivation to develop economically. This spirit is evidentin committed entrepreneurship, creativity and fighting spirit. We at Manuyoo share this spirit. If we manage to change the thinking of the people in Europe, which they have about Africa and African products as well as the resulting consumer behavior, we can make a lasting contribution to positive development for Africa. 



"We at Manuyoo form a new way of partnership with our suppliers -small and innovative african companies- and present their brands and stories to our customers to make our life a little more african.I believe," says Fabian Wagner, our Co-Founder, "that we can lift the Impact of trade between Europe and Africa with together our partners to another level".


Founder and CEO

"Only 7% of the total 2018 imports into the EU came from the 54 African countries. More than 2/3 of these imported goods were primary goods (food, raw material and energy) – with almost no local value add. With Manuyoo we want to bring this into more balance. We support African Entrepreneurs by making access to European markets easier and by giving their products an attractive, innovative platform. This is what makes Manuyoo unique."


Business Development

"Trade contributes to structural economic transformation. It facilitates the push by African countries to diversify and upgrade the value of their exports, strengthening their economies, creating jobs, and reducing poverty. Manuyoo not only sells exciting new brands and innovative products from all 55 African countries, we also tell the stories about our trading partners, their businesses and their products."



"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb. What is so unique about Manuyoo?"For me, the special thing with Manuyoo is the close connection with our producers, because we know all suppliers on a personal basis. This works, because we are regularly scouting new promising  products and brands directly with the manufacturers. As soon as possible, we will also be travelling and meeting our partners at their facilities. With Manuyoo, we want to trade at eye level. Creating transparency and trust - that is our focus."

Because we think that an alternative to traditional development aid is needed. Because we see it as our responsibility to make the world a little fairer.

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Change is only possible together. Do you have any questions or comments? Would you like to know more about our work? Would you like to support us? We look forward to your message!